Help Me, I’m Silhouett-ing And Can’t Stop!

It happened inocently enough.  I  bought the magazine “Card Ideas For Paper Crafters” and brought it home to look at.  I was feeling rather idea-less and the sketches with each card look promising.  I sat down to thumb through it next to my computer and it suddenly occured to me that this was a great time to use my new Designer Edition software for my Silhouette.  Joy, joy,joy!  Before I knew it I had half a dozen card templates saved and ready to be used.  Loved it.  The card below was from the magazine. It is pretty basic but I sure loved being able to cut out all parts with ease.

Things seemed to snowball after that. Next,  I was watching a video on welding shapes. I had watched other videos before about the same thing, but for some reason this one was one of those “lightbulb” moments.  I sat down and began welding all sorts of shapes together and making several of them into cards.  I encourage all of you out there who are a bit timid about just messing around to go on You Tube and look under “Silhouette machine Tutorials”  There are several teachers who have very different teaching styles, so if one doesn’t seem to do anything for you then look for another.  They are well worth your time.  My favorite welded card is this one cut out of black cardstock and backed with maroon cardstock.  Again, simple but quite effective.( silhouette_flower_C00133_2067)

I love flowers so I have a huge amount of designs to work with.  The happy cube tote (happy_cube_tote_C00116_41853) just screamed to be covered with flowers, so I made a cute little black and white favor box for a wedding.  After shaping the petals and leaves I painted them all with pearl watercolor.  They are really pretty sturdy- as in sturdy enough to withstand mauling by a great big white dog! (12-petal_flowers_C00667_20509; 10-petal_flowers_Coo666_20509; 8-petal_flowers_Coo925_20509; 6-petal_flowers_C00926_20509;5-petal_flowers_C00928_20509;3-flower_leaves_C00983_20509; flower_leaves_C00982_20509; 1_piece_leaf_C00564_20509).

I love the new water bottle tags!  Since I don’t have anyone in mind to give it to I might just keep it in my studio with and keep refilling the pocket with chocolate.  I need something to keep me going, after all.( bottle_label_tag-big_pocket_C01273_20509)

I love black or gray with about any color, so this yellow and gray card is right up my alley.  I stamped the flower with Versamark ink using a script background then applied Brilliant Yellow PearlEx and brushed off the excess.  I had never had any reason to use that color before but it worked well with this flower, giving it a little depth. I love the mixture of color and patterns. (elegant_flower_c00892_20509;  6_labels_C01086_20509)

My last project was a small booklet using the tabbed pocket set.  The little file folders are just the right size to stick a couple of inchies or moo cards in.  I cut out 2 sets and connected  them with paper  strips and finally bound the booklet with a larger paper strip. (tabbed_pocket_set_C00981_20509)

My goodness, I had a wonderful time!


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