Tangled ATC’s


How many of you had school notebooks, church bulletins, and grocery lists with all sorts of doodles in the margins? You didn’t know you were making art, did you?  Well there is a not-so- new kid in town, Zentangle, that takes doodling (though they don’t like that word) to new heights.  The difference between doodling and Zentangle is that the lines made in Zentangle are very deliberate rather than haphazard.  There are gobs of tangle patterns on the web and books as well, so if you are interested here are some resources: the official Zentangle siteTangle patterns, and a blog with lots of great links and patterns.  While I do not agree with some of the philosophy behind Zentangles (I do not use it as meditation), it is a fun way to relax and create something at the same time.

Usually tangling is done on a white background with black pens, but while I was cruising through the new Corel X5 clipart I came across all sorts of new backgrounds that just begged to be tangled on.

I have shown the backgrounds that I used to the right of the tangled pieces.

I wasn’t sure that the last three backgrounds I picked would work out, but I ended up being fairly satisfied with them as well.

I hope there ae not too many out there gnashing their teeth as they view these ATC’s!

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