Silhouette and Faux Poste Together At Last

I am so excited about the new postage stamp page Silhouette just came out with!  Before when I would make faux poste I had to make a mask (cutting it with an Exacto knife), and then after all the background, pretty stamping and number placing I had to find some way to make the holes so it looked like stamps.  It was a lot lof work.

Starting with a sheet that has all the perforations means half of the battle is already won.  It was super easy to make a mask using the Silhouette as well.

First of all, I placed my stamp sheet onto the Silhouette work surface.  I highlighted it so that I could open the “scale” window to find out its dimensions.  I made a rectangle the exact same size, gave it a blue line color, and placed it right on top of the stamp sheet.  Then I made a rectangle that was the size of the white space I wanted left on the stamps.  After I was satisfied with the size I copied and pasted it 11 more times.  Then I placed the rectangles into each of the stamp spaces, got them all centered, deleted the original stamp sheet and cut the mask.  The mask and stamp sheet are shown below.I placed the mask onto the sheet with small pieces of tape and began the coloring process.  I used sticky notes to make sure my color went only where I wanted it.  Here is a pic of the first column being colored.  I used pigment ink and a stencil brush to apply it.I used the same color and did all three columns then did the remaining 3 colors the same way.  Leaving the mask on, I then stamped some script on the sheet.Some flower stamps and a number stamp completed the sheet.  I took off the mask and my faux poste was ready to go.


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