1. Juliet A · April 27, 2011

    I love your polymer clay inchies!!!! I have made polymer clay inchies by stamping and cutting them, but never by caning – I’ve never tried caning, it looks so hard! you zentangley- looking ones are especially cool.

    Your folder is very clever. I’ve never had to mail more than a dozen at a time, so I hadn’t really thought about packing them tighter. I will say one thing about the staples – the inchies themselves are often as thick or thicker than the staples, so the protrusion of the staples doesn’t really bother me.

    It’s a good tut, very clearly explained. Great job!

    • debbrooner · April 29, 2011


      Actually, most of my canes are made with an extruder, so they are fairly easy. The hardest part is getting them to end up 1 inch.

      Deb B

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