Polymer Clay Jewelry

I am finally getting around to working on my polymer jewelry!  Of course it does help that the ladies in my pharmacy are asking to see my stuff again.  I’ll take any motivation I can get.

This first piece pleases me because of the different textures it has.  The shine of the polymer, the bumpy crochet, and the smooth texture of the brown store-bought brown beads make for a tactile treat.

This next necklace came to be because of my inability to correctly figure out how much clay is needed for a project.  A friend of mine wanted to make some bracelets for her granddaughters.  I mixed the pink, purple and orange and suddenly there was enough polymer for way more than 3 bracelets!I do love the fruity colors, though, and the one-of-a kind beads.

Because jewelry fashion this year is big and chunky I was able to use a large focal bead in this bracelet. 

No doubt about it, polymer can mimic just about anything one would want.  This bracelet and earring combo has fun faux turquoise inlay beads.

“Serendipity” or” I’m Not Sure How I did This, But I Like Results

The rest of the pieces I’ll show you all have something in common- I didn’t plan any of them.

I was trying to make some pendants ala  Catherine Verdiere, but I was not very pleased with the results.  In my frustration I used a waffle cutter and cut the inlaid pieces into strips, then placed them on a black rectangle.  Very simple, but I get compliments when I wear it!

I had several canes that I hadn’t used because there was just something about them I didn’t like. I decided to mash them together and try the molkume gane technique.  One might assume that the pink at the bottom and the black line were planned-not! It was a great surprise to me when I began slicing!

The last pendant was made in the same way- find some ugly canes, roll them together, impress some designs into the clay and slice until a nice pattern appears.  I reminds me of some sort of nebula.


One comment

  1. Diane · January 26, 2011

    Oh, Deb, your jewellery is simply STUNNING! Love it!

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