Oldies But Goodies

I was looking over all of the books I have relating to paper crafts and card making and rememebered that almost all of them have little pieces of paper stuck between the pages. These little papers denote all of the cards/projects I have meant to try over the years.  I finally got tired of all those little guys making me feel guilty so I picked 3 books and made the cards I had earmarked. 

This card came from the book Greeting Card Magic by Mary Jo McGraw.  It is a relatively easy card to do.  It called for  the backing to be a strip of 2-sided masking tape, but running a piece of card through your Xyron would do, or simply running several rows of adhesive tape works as well. 


The idea for this card cazme from Judi Kauffman’s book By The Batch: Creative Cards, Postcards, Envelopes and More Besides having lots of  sketches for cards it also deals with the making of multiple cards.  I highly recommend this book.

This last card is from Julie Hickey’s book Quick and Clever Instant Cards.  I love monochromic cards with lots of texture, so this one hits the spot. 

I still have a lot of ideas to try, but at least 3 are gone from the pile.  How about you?  Do you have cards that you have wanted to try but have never gotten round to?  Make one up and then show it to me, please’


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