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I was at the point where getting anything in or out of my filing cabinet took both hands and both feet.  Way too many bits and pieces of paper I just couldn’t seem to part with (as in “throw away”).  Fortunately for  you ,readers,  I decided to collage each colorway and then cut some of each up into ATC’s.  Six bright shiny ATC’s to do with as you wish! I will be giving away 2 sets. 

You all know the drill: leave your comments until Monday, Aug 2nd  and I will draw 2 winners at random from those who communicate with me.  Easy peasy.  Good luck!


Button It Up



I signed up for an ATC swap.  The theme is “buttons”. While I have a fairly large collection of buttons, but they are rather uninspiring.  Fortunately I had just come back from a trip to San Francisco.  While I was there I  made a stop at a Paper Source store (when, oh when, are they going to bring a store to Denver???).  The  three papers I used for “Bollybutton” reminded me of India, hence the name. Plain orange buttons never looked so good.

That  card was the only one that I used apparel buttons for embellishment.  Since the directions didn’t say that only clothing buttons were allowed I cruised around my studio looking for other materials that I could drill two holes into.  There were a lot of possibilities.

Copper Mine

I found some polymer clay discs that I had made some time back – they were just shouting out “pick me, pick me”.  Since I had highlighted the discs with copper PearlEx I decided to brush some of it onto the ATC as well.  Did I mention that I love PearlEx?  A copper gel pen and some beads finished off the card.

Birch Grove

Several years ago my hubby and I took a trip back East.  As we were tromping through the forest one day I spied some birch bark on the ground.  I was sure that I would use it somehow, so I brought it home.  I saw it in the drawer and decided to try to punch circles out of it.  To my surprise it punched beautifully with no cracking .

Also sometime in the past I hadpurchased a large background stamp that looked like  a grove of trees- tree trunks, actually.  Once I got it home I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so it became another one of those neglected stamps.  As I was going through my background stamp collection for this ATC I came across the stamp  and realized that it would be perfect for the card.  I used cocoa pigment ink and clear embossing powder for a subtle texture.  I’m not usually a beige/brown kind of  girl, but I really like this card.  It is very simple, but the buttons seemed to demand simplicity.

Gators Love Oranges

I also found some discs that were made of shrink plastic.  They had great computer-generated graphics on them so I got out my trusty hand drill and “voila”, buttons.

I used the polished stone technique on the card itself and the strip of green paper on top reminded me of alligator hide.  I enjoy this card because it has lots of colors and lots of textures.

Blueberry Buckle

The blue button  on this ATC is a computer-generated art piece that I laminated on both sides and then embossed using the CB “Tiny Bubbles” folder.  I also embossed the ATC itself with the “Forest Branches ” folder.

I  found a ball of crochet thread that had the same colors as the button so I punched holes in the ATC and threaded the thread through and around the card using the channels left by the embossing folder as a guide.

Vanda Lemon

The button on this ATC is simply a yellow piece of corrugated cardboard with Stickles flooded into the grooves.  The yellow and orchid paper was another purchase from Paper Source.

I was sorry to have only needed 6 cards because there was still Paper Clay, Friendly plastic,  and other materials out there to be plyed with.  Oh well, some other time.  Maybe some inchie group will have a button challenge-hint, hint!

What is in your studio that you can’t bear to get rid of but can’t seem to use?  Think outside the box and “repurpose”!

Coloring Copper Mesh with Heat

Last week I talked about embossing copper mesh and then coloring it with Alcohol Inks.  There is another way to color the mesh.  It is an oldie-but-goodie technique that uses a heat gun.  The inchies above were made using this technique.

The directions are really simple: lay the mesh on a heat-proof surface, blast it with a heat gun (the same one used for heating embossing powders),watch the colors change, and wait for it to cool before picking it up.  That’s it!

The amount of time the mesh is blasted with the heat determines the colors that can be obtained. The first color that appears is a dark orange, then purple, magenta, a light blue, then back to a light copper. The color change is very rapid once the metal heats up, so there is a certain randomness inherant in the process.  That is part of the fun!

Below is a sample of mesh.  The left-hand side is the original color and the right-hand side shows the range of colors possible.

This week  I decided to make an ATC, a mini-ATC, a moo card, and an inchie.  I wanted them all to have embossed and heat-colored mesh on them.  I had never made a mini-ATC or a moo card before, so I enjoyed those.  Here is the set.

I highlighted the embossed areas of the ATC with a black Sharpie.  Next time I would probably use another color like magenta.  I used magenta to add color to the mesh on the inchie and also on the diamonds on the mini-ATC.  I left the mesh on the moo card as it was- I loved the colors on it.

I found out that it is possible to cut the mesh with a Sizzix die, which I used for the latch on the ATC.  While it is possible to cut the mesh with a CB die the results can be a bit ragged.

So there you have it- multiple techniques for coloring and embossing copper mesh (yes, you can do the same things to copper foil as well).  Get up, grab your embossing folders, AI’s,  heat gun, and some copper mesh and start making art!

Double Embossing and Inking on Copper Mesh

I was looking at a post in a blog dealing with embossing paper with an embossing folder, inking the raised part, embossing with a different folder, and then inking the raised parts again. I would love to link that post, but I can’t find it again. Could someone help me out?

After reading the post my mind started thinking about other possibilities.  What if I used copper mesh and alcohol ink  (AI) to do the same technique?  I tried it and was pleased with the results. 

I began by embossing my copper mesh with the CB “Textile” folder then dabbing Wild Plum AI on the raised image.

Then , without trying to smash it flat, I ran it through the CB using the “Diamond In The Rough” folder. I used “Stream” AI to color this layer.

I pulled a few of the copper threads away from the edges and attached it to my card front, coloring the brads with AI as well.

After a bit more embossing, some copper ribbon and copper gel pen,  my card was finished.

The design for the card is a MOJO Monday design- love their sketches!

Oh yes, BTW- my neice found a site that gave the name of the flower I had pics of last post.  It is a Red Bird of Paradise.  Thanks, Beccy!

See ya next week!